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As the national momentum for a Cradle to Career approach to education continues to grow, Strive is committed to capturing lessons learned, challenges, and successes around this work and sharing them with the field of Cradle to Career Education Partnerships.  Below are links to videos that we hope inspire, inform, and encourage you as you build your Cradle to Career Partnership.
-Jeff Edmondson appears on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show on MSNBC to discuss community involvement in education and early career tracking for students.  
-Jeff Edmondson gives an engaging overview of the four pillars that make up the Strive Framework.
-Jeff Edmondson, Managing Director of Strive, gives a TEDxCincy talk about how we can use data to support every child, cradle to career.

-Jeff Edmondson speaks to over 83 communities at the 2011 Cradle to Career Network Convening on building the civic infrastructure to support every child, cradle to career.

-Mary Cullinane talks about why this global economy demands better preparation of our students.
-A conversation with the 2011 Cradle to Career Champions about their 'aha' moments and lessons learned after years of supporting this work.
-Lisbeth Schorr discusses how complex community initiatives can be assessed, held accountable, and spread without diluting their effectiveness.
-A panel discussion with Funders of cradle to career civic infrastructure about why they are supporting these efforts and what they are learning.
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