• "Sharing learnings across a network of cradle to career communities"




The Strive Cradle to Career Network has been established to foster connections amongst communities working to build and sustain cradle to career civic infrastructure.  The roles of the Network are depicted in the following visual:

In order to operationalize these roles, a value exchange must be created amongst Cradle to Career Network staff and Cradle to Career Network members.  The value exchange is articulated as follows:

Communities joining the Network receive the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to LEARN through:
    • Access to a robust online Partner Portal including tools and resources to aid in partnership development.
    • Sharing of data and stories amongst Network members
  • Opportunities to CONNECT through:
    • Participation in an Annual Network Convening and various smaller Convenings throughout the year
    • Role-alike forums and learning communities established through the Partner Portal and through in-person Convenings
    • Mentoring/Matchmaking opportunities with other sites
  • Opportunities to EDUCATE and be educated through:
    • Access to a regular newsletter highlighting good work of Network members
    • Participation in regular webinars on key topics of interest to Network members
    • Strive Website, Blog, Social Media, Publications
  • Opportunities to get SUPPORT through:
    • Strategic Assistance from peer sites and Strive Network staff
  • Opportunities to INNOVATE through:
    • Access to tools to help with partnership development and data collection/management
    • Participation in National Task Forces on key issues


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