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As part of the launch of the Theory of Action, Strive is asking partnerships to sign on to the “Commitment to Quality.”  With this commitment, partnerships agree to meet the benchmarks within the Exploring Gateway in order to join the Network, and work towards meeting benchmarks in the Emerging, Sustaining and Systems Change Gateways to move toward becoming a Proof Point partnership.

The “Commitment” has four components that partnerships commit to:

  1. Assess and share progress of the Partnership using the Theory of Action
  2. Work with Strive staff and Network members to refine the Theory of Action throughout the soft launch
  3. Build the necessary local data management infrastructure to collect, analyze, and report data
  4. Model a commitment to continuous improvement by sharing successes and failures related to how the partnership has applied learning in operations and implementation

How to Commit to Quality:

Download and Review the Commitment to Quality.

Partnerships should share the Commitment to Quality along with the Theory of Action with the leadership of the Partnership, agree to the components, and then the Site Lead and Chair of the Leadership Table must sign the Commitment.  The signed Commitment should then be uploaded onto the Theory of Action Learning Circle within the Strive Partner Portal (contact Kelly Robinson at robinsonk@strivenetwork.org with questions).




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