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Site Readiness Assessment


With the launch of the Theory of Action, the essential steps in building a cradle to career partnership are clearer than ever before.  We have heard from partnerships across the Network that the quality benchmarks outlined along the path toward building a sustainable civic infrastructure provide a picture that is easy for cross-sector partners to understand.  Luckily, most communities approach this work with some history of partnership and collaboration and, as a result, can identify existing assets in the community to aid in accomplishing these quality benchmarks much more expeditiously. 

Strive has developed the Site Readiness Assessment to help uncover these existing assets and help partnerships understand where they are in the journey of building a cradle to career partnership.  This tool aims to provide you with the ability to identify the specific quality benchmarks your Partnership may need to focus on when developing your unique local plan for moving this challenging work forward.   

We want to make it clear that this is a self-assessment process that is not intended to be punitive.  Strive is committed to using data to improve rather than prove, thus the information coming from the assessment will be used to direct your partnership toward appropriate tools, resources, and strategic assistance, as well as help partnerships in the Network connect with others working on the same issues. 

Communities who wish to join the Network start by completing the Site Readiness Assessment and having a conversation about those assessment results with a Strive team member. Those communities that have achieved all of the ‘Exploring’ benchmarks and signed a commitment to quality will be invited to participate in the Cradle to Career Network.



The Strive Site Readiness Assessment is intended to be completed by a core team of 6-10 cross-sector leaders in your community pushing this work forward.  The Assessment could take up to three hours to complete depending on how far along you are in the journey. Please note that after you create an account you will be able to log in and out keeping your responses intact.

To complete the Assessment you will first answer ten very simple yes/no questions.  Your responses will then connect you with a set of questions that are most relevant for your partnership.  You will find the quality benchmarks from the Theory of Action at the top of each page and three to five guiding questions that should help to identify relevant supporting documents to attach. These supporting documents are especially important because they help us better understand your work so that we can provide concrete guidance on next steps.

You can access the Site Readiness Assessment at the following link: www.strivenetwork.org/forms/site-readiness-assessment-survey


As with the Theory of Action itself, the assessment process is currently in a soft launch phase and Strive staff will be working with an evaluation firm and Network members over the following few months to think through how best to assess partnerships’ progress towards the quality benchmarks and refine the assessment process accordingly.  For Partnerships who wish to join the Strive Network, the assessment must be completed prior to joining the Network.  For current Strive Network members, an assessment will need to be completed by January 15, 2014 as part of the commitment to raise rigor and quality in the Network.  Partnerships who wish to understand where they fall along the quality benchmark continuum should complete the assessment and schedule a follow-up call with a member of the Strive team.  As we go through a refinement and improvement phase with the help of an evaluation firm, we expect a revised assessment to be launched in October 2013.  It is possible that we will need partnerships to complete a new assessment after that point to ensure we have consistent baseline information from all Network members. Additionally, Network members will be asked to complete an assessment annually to track progress towards becoming a Proof Point. 

Please contact info@strivenetwork.org with any questions.

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